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Published on July 10th, 2013 | by admin


Missing Lives Bug Lost Envelope in Candy Crush Saga

For the past few weeks, we have been receiving more and more friends telling us that they are having lives missing from the game and their envelope is gone!

Some even have hundreds of lives received and accumulated over time from friends, and although we have the unlimited lives cheat, it is just much easier to accept the extra lives given by your friends as and when you like it. We have confirmed that there is indeed a bug on this, and it happens for all platforms from mobile devices like Android, iPhone and iPad to Facebook.

So how do you get your lives back? Try to do a hard reset/reboot of your mobile device (power off and on), restart and resync your Candy Crush Saga game with Facebook. Hopefully your lives will come back. However there is no guarantee on this method, so if it doesn’t come back, you may want to drop an official support message on this issue and request the developers to look into and fix it asap, the official support link here:¬†http://about.king.com/support/ccs

With everyone putting on pressure with the developers on this, we hope that they will look into it seriously and consider doing a refund for all the lost lives! Crushers Unite!

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