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Published on July 18th, 2013 | by admin


How to Unlock Level 36 on Candy Crush Saga with Mystery Quests?

Many friends have asked us after beating Level 35 that they are stuck and cannot unlock Level 36 on their mobile device like iPhone, iPad and Android. Most people are knew that in order to do that you need tickets. Either you connect to Facebook and “beg” 3 Facebook friends to give you this ticket of you pay for it. Well, do you know there is a third option, that is to play the secret hidden Mystery Quests! There is a trick in getting it to appear and completing them in one go, let us look at how to do it.

How to see it? – this is most important because if you can’t see it, you can’t beat it. If you have not sync with Facebook before on your mobile device, you should normally see the “Play Quests” option below “Unlock now!” at the “Unlock more levels!” pop-up by clicking on the plane icon (could also apply for boat or train icon).

However, most people will not see this option because they are connected or sync with Facebook at some of time playing the game. You must logout of Facebook and make sure you do not get connected again to see the third option. Do a hard reset on your mobile device (power off and power on again), then ensure you have no connection to the Internet (for mobile data, turn on your Airplane mode if you have or switch on mobile data roaming, also make sure you have no Internet Wifi connected to your device). Once that is done, go to your game again, click on the icon, you should be able see the illusive Play Quests option (see below).

How to beat it? – there are three Candy Crush Saga Mystery Quests that you can play to unlock the next chapter of the game, for example Level 36 and above. This three quests are made up of random levels that you have beaten earlier, but you need to replay and beat them up again with a much higher score than before. There is another catch though, you can only play one Mystery Quest a day and you need to beat it consecutively. You can easily bypass this annoying timer by using our same trick from the Unlimited Lives cheat. So after you complete one quests, just keep going one day into the future, till you beat all of them.

The Mystery Quest are quite challenging, so good luck and now you know the secret on how to unlock level 36 without Facebook and paying. Cheers!

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