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How to Beat Level 97 on Candy Crush Saga without boosters?

Level 97 is the “bomb”! Why, because your main objective is to get 100,000 points in just 25 moves, and what makes it more bomb-astic is that you need to clear the board’s time bombs within 8 moves.

The Level 97 board consist of a diamond shaped board with 37 candies plus 2 more candies at to top right, shaping it just like a “bomb”. Every time you clear the candies, there will also be time bombs of 8 moves keep dropping in.

Let us see how to defuse this level:

1) Play on your PC if possible – beating this level seems to be much easier if played it on your Facebook on the PC, however it you can’t, see the tip below.

2) On mobile device. use unlimited openings cheat – if you are using mobile device, like iPhone, iPad or Android, then to get a good advantage use our unlimited openings cheat to “refresh” the board until you get a good setup for combos.

3) Always create combo and maximize your points – getting wrapped + striped candy combo or wrapped + wrapped candy combo in the middle of board gives the most points, chocolate ball and combo is ok but take note that chocolate ball alone gives less points than a wrapped candy alone.

4) Clear and check the time bombs – if there are no combos to make, remember to check and take out the time bombs asap, clearing them also gives you decent 3000 points for each explosion.

With this level defusing tips and a little bit of luck, you should be able to defuse this “bomb’ of a level. Check out the Level 97 video here.

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