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Published on April 27th, 2013 | by admin


How to Beat Level 65 on Candy Crush Saga without boosters?

If you are here, you know you’ve stumbled upon “the hardest level” for Candy Crush Saga. Yes, Level 65 is that difficult, and some friends can be stuck on this level for months!

The Level 65 board has a whooping 64 squares that contain jellies and 53 of them contain 2 jellies (need to hit twice). In addition, there are 6 caged candies and also 6 chocolate waiting to eat your board up. You have to clear all jellies on the board in just 50 moves. So how do we beat this level?

Here are some tips:

1)    Eat chocolates asap – chocolates will fill up and swallow your candy every turn if you don’t hit them, so try to clear as soon as possible. 

2)   Make Combo-nation – that’s right, the more the combos, the higher chance of clearing more jellies and a step closer to victory.

3)   Candy bomb-ardment – When you have a candy bomb, try to keep and look to combine with a striped candy. You really need this power combo.

4)   Aim low and look out – Like our Level 33 tip, when you start low, you may get auto matches from the top. Do take note of the caged candies, and clear them if when possible.

With this tips and hopefully a little bit of luck, you should be able to crack “the hardest level”. Check out the Level 65 video here.


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