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Published on September 10th, 2013 | by admin


How to Beat Level 347 on Candy Crush Saga without boosters?

A lot of friends have been informing us that that Level 347 is different. Indeed, the level objectives has been updated recently, but still a frustratingly challenging level. Let us take a look how to beat it.

Current objectives now requires you to collect 10 wrapped candies and 2 colour bombs (previously is to combine 2 wrapped candies with colour bombs. There is a chocolate generator in the middle of the board with frostings around it.

Here are the tips:

1) Do not break the frostings – Try your best not to break the frostings in the middle, or else the chocolate come out will be annoying and make the game much more difficult.

2) No stripes pleaase – Do not make striped candies as they will likely destroy your other possible combos, remember its wrapped candies or colour bombs we want

3) Top down and up – Basically scan for possible wrapped candy or colour bomb combos at top down, if there are none, then make some combos from bottom.

4) Stay positive – Why we say this to all of friends is that as always, do not give up, try and try again. You will beat the level sooner or later.

Good luck and do check out our updated new Level 347 video here.


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