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Published on April 9th, 2013 | by admin


How to Beat Level 33 on Candy Crush Saga without boosters?

A lot of friends has been clearly frustrated with Level 33 on Candy Crush Saga, without using boosters, most people will tell you that this need some luck and make the right moves to beat this level.

The Level 33 board has 4 square blocks measuring 4×4 squares with 16 candies inside. The objective to beat this level is to remove all the 2X2 jellies in the middle of the square blocks squares. The jelly need to be hit twice and all this have to be done in just 14 moves! Don’t worry, below are some tips on this level:

  1. Always start at the bottom (unless you can make a line of four or clear at least two jellies at top)
  2. Always work on one side; left or right (use striped candy to clear jelly at the opposite side whenever possible)
  3. Always clear 2 jellies if possible (unless you can setup better moves later)
  4. Think before you move (look carefully and do not waste your moves)

With this tips and hopefully a little bit of luck, you should be able to solve this challenging level in no time. Check out the Level 33 video here.


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