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How to Beat Level 30 on Candy Crush Saga without boosters?

This is another one of the early challenging levels that some friends have been asking us, so let us also take a look at Level 30 the “mount frosting” level.

The Level 30 board has a mount of triangle frosting at the bottom and you need to drop 6 pieces of ingredients to the bottom in 60 moves in order to beat this level.

Here are the tips:

1) Always clear the frosting first – This is most important thing to do because only by doing that you can have more space to create special candies and combos, and also beating a path for your ingredients to drop down.

2) Vertical striped candy works best – Creating vertical striped candies either on the top or bottom of your ingredient will work best in this level as it blasts a way to let your ingredient drop down all the way.

3) Create combos to blast the bottom – Sometimes you are going to have ingredients stuck near the bottom, this is where you look up and  try to create combos that can blast the bottom to change this sticky situation. Creating more vertical striped candies combos will do wonders.

4) Take note when switching ingredient’s lane – Take note that when you are making a combination that requires switching an ingredient’s lane, because as you make the switch you may create yourself a sticky situation by making your ingredient stuck. Doing so will make it hard for you to beat this level.

Trying to clear ingredients that are stuck for a while can be quite a challenge in this level, and so with the tips and with luck, you should be able to beat this level but only to reach the extra challenging Level 33 and do check out the Level 30 video here.


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