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Published on December 12th, 2013 | by admin


Candy Crush Saga adds new expansion Dreamworld (featuring Odus the Owl)

Odus the Owl

Candy Crush Saga just got more fun with the introduction of a new expansion, Dreamworld!

Dreamworld currently consists of 65 levels set in an alternate reality, where you replay the classic levels in a whole new way with an additional objective featuring Odus the Owl (on the left)

Now beside clearing candies, Odus sits on the Moon Meter,  a moon-shaped scale with a different candy on each side. Collecting an equal amount of candies on each side keeps the scale balanced. If one side is too heavy, Odus will fall off, making you lose the level. However, if the meter is full, you’ll activate a new power, call Moon Stuck (see above), which clears entire color of candy from the board. Cool!

Dreamworld levels are available now for anyone who has passed level 50 in the normal game, and can be activated by tapping Odus the Owl who sits on the top right hand corner.

We have also added all the video for the levels. Have fun and happy moon stucking!

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