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Published on December 23rd, 2013 | by admin


160000 Points Bug in Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld (Owl) Level 43

While most of the Dreamworld levels are quite fun at the start, it gets more and more frustrating at the back. Recently, many friends have been asking me on this problem or bug that they face with Dreamworld (Owl) Level 43.

The situation is that some of the friends can beat this level at 40,000 points, but for those who just reached this level the points have somehow quadrupled to 160,000 points! We checked that this is NOT a bug, but was rather caused by the developers whom update the level to make it more challenging.

One way to overcome this is to play it on a mobile device that has first update of the Dreamworld level instead of the latest version of the game. This will guarantee you with having the level objective of only 40,000 points. However, if you like most people already has the most updated version on the mobile device or playing on Facebook. One tip will be try not to use any special candies until Moon Struck occur to achieve maximum points. Also. check out the updated video on it.

As always, good luck and don’t give up.


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